Trekking in Cyprus means taking an adventurous walk on foot along the exquisitely unique nature trails that the island possesses.  Adventure Mountain Park is particularly proud to be renowned for its location along the popular beautiful “Doxa si o Theos” trail surrounded by the tranquil undulating landscape of the Troodos and Madari Mountain ranges. 

Exploring the native species of Cypriot flora and fauna while trekking through the spectacular forests and incredible nature trails that abound here instill a sense of relaxation that’s quite unprecedented.  At the same time, the trails are divided according to their level of difficulty so whether you are a looking for a leisurely stroll or a trek akin to intensive cardio exercise, there is a path available for all, even the most adventurous.

The team at Adventure Mountain Park can arrange a variety of walking trips for all size groups, with qualified guides on hand to lead guided tours or to provide suggestions to those who are interested in taking the walks.