Laser Maze

What is:
The Labyrinth(maze) of adventure mountain park is a new and innovative way of fun and entertainment. At Adventure Laser Maze you will have a unique experience with your friends or family.

How to play:
You must avoid any touch on the light beams of the maze to reach the exit door without the system sirens sounding. If you touch a light beam during the game you will have to return to the beginning. At some point in the maze, you may need to climb, or crawl, or climb aerial stairs to reach your finish line. The only sure thing is that you will train a lot and the timer that runs in reverse, will make you get tired creatively to get the best possible result.
What's needed:
• The right strategy
• A lot of patience
• Careful movements
Participation: From 1 to 3 people at a time. After telephone communication, the activity can be prepared accordingly for larger groups of people and can be an interactive competition for your team. You will be pleasantly surprised and why not be the next Maze Runner.
Participation time: 30 minutes (You can try to achieve your goal as many times as you want, before the system is turned off in 30 minutes)