Forest Puzzle

What is:
Forest Puzzles is a new and innovative group activity, which takes place over the adventure park, in the heart of the forest and has a goal, all team members to solve the various puzzles as quickly as possible and unlock some puzzles that are scattered in the forest.

What's needed:
There must be complete cooperation between the players, observation, coordination, and a lot of appetite for play, so that they achieve their goal which is none other than solving puzzles, finding the various boxes in the forest and unlocking the keys that will lead them to the end.

How to play:
The activity begins with a detailed explanation of the route you will follow and the rules of the game (at the start and finish area, which is at the park facility) by the person in charge of the activity. Then the group leaves for the forest and begins exploring nature. Here nature becomes a place of education and learning. At the finish, the manager will be waiting for you to stop your time.
Each team, based on the time it has taken to complete its game, will compete with other teams that have done the same activity (same series of puzzles, color, etc.) in a previous period. At the end of each year the best team in time is rewarded with a significant prize.
The minimum number of people per group that can participate is 6 and the maximum 12.
The age of the participants should be over 14, but if some of them are probably younger, they will be able to be with their parents on the route.
Game duration is from 2 to 3 hours depending.
Available 2 different routes that will drive young and old crazy and will raise the adrenaline in the red.