Welcome at Adventure Mountain Park!

Welcome at Adventure Mountain Park! Located in the beautiful village of Kyperounda at the foothills of Troodos, Adventure Mountain Park is the longest running provider of quality outdoor adventures in Cyprus, renowned as much for its extensive range of skills-based adventure sports activities as it is for its surrounding breath-taking nature trails and views.

The combination of a stunning landscape and the numerous adrenaline-fueled educational adventures that friends, family, groups, employees and co-workers are able to embark on, make Adventure Mountain Park a unique experiential learning experience that needs to be had.

Whether its paintballarcherylaser tagrock climbingorienteering and tyrolean traverse or any other crazy outdoor adventure sport, Adventure Mountain Park is equipped with qualified personnel and the safest of equipment, that make for fun-filled memories to last a lifetime.

If slightly less than daring is more your thing, come and visit our captivating Botanical Garden and be enamored by the sights and aromas of the abundance of herbs grown here. You will also have the opportunity to indulge in the gastronomic delights that our restaurant’s local and contemporary dishes have to offer and live within nature in our recent added camping site.

Nature, adventure and outdoor sports constitute our passion delivering those aspects within a fantastic and unique place. Our daily mission is to make adventure outdoor sports and activities universally accessible and fun for all people. So, whether you are friends, family or company colleagues - make nature, adventure and outdoor sports as much a part of your life and exploit the various learning opportunities that come with tackling the challenges of these activities.

Don’t forget that we should live for moments that make our lives even more interesting and exciting and at Adventure Mountain Park this is a promise