Dear Clients,


We would like to inform you that Adventure Mountain Park will continue to operate, taking into consideration Health Ministry Directives and Government Announcements and by enforcing all recommended measures regarding the coronavirus COVID-19.


Our main priority is the protection of our customers, public health but also our personnel, so we are taking the following measures regarding cleanliness, hygiene and protection:


·         Till 31 March we will accommodate only up to 30 persons inside the restaurant.

·         We will accommodate clients in the outdoor area, with a sparse layout of tables & chairs plan, ensuring more space between them.

·         We have placed disinfectant liquids in all commonly used areas of our restaurant.

·         We have placed disinfectant liquids in WCs  

·         We have increased the frequency of cleaning and sanitization of all restaurant areas

·         Restaurant personnel is using 1-use gloves when preparing food and drinks

·         Personnel is using disinfectant spray/liquid after any money transactions, handshakes, other close contact with persons, and prior to entering the kitchen area

·         Bio-cleaning on the 13/3/2020 at the restaurant and adjacent external areas.


Regarding outdoor activities we note the following:

·         They take place in open space in nature and do not require close physical contact.

·         We also offer single-person activities

·         During Woodland paintball and Field paintball participants wear masks which will subsequently be sanitized.  


Due to the measures above, we will be hosting a significantly reduced number of guests, so it is recommended to contact us well in advance for bookings, in order to avoid inconvenience. Bookings: T. 99674126.


We kindly note that doctors and specialists encourage outdoor excursions in nature rather than staying in closed spaces, EXCEPT in cases of being ill, OR suspecting virus infection due to contact with a possible carrier OR due to a recent visit in a high-risk country.


Finally, we are convinced that everyone strictly follows the recommended hygiene principles, as well as State Directives and that in case of fever-cough-breathing difficulty incidents, we will all comply with the recommended 2-week restriction measure.


Thank you for your attention.